A Novel by Michael J. McDermott

One Kill Shoot

If you enjoy being deceived by a book, you will love "One Kill Short." "One Kill Short" is a mystery/crime novel that has mastered the art of misdirection and leaves the reader asking "Why didn't I see it coming?", when the actual conspirators are ultimately revealed. It is a story about a young lawyer who pursues a civil case for damages against a former war hero, the current head of a large criminal enterprise, for the attempted contract murder of his client. The plot thickens when, for unknown reasons, local law enforcement refuses to prosecute. Along the way, a forbidden romance develops, which ultimately meets an unexpected end. Although "One Kill Short" is largely inspired by a true story, it is fiction. Purposeful fiction. The names and places in this quasi-indictment of law enforcement and the civil and criminal judicial systems have been changed to protect the writer, as, in his words, "there are no innocents with whom to be concerned."

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