Mind-Blowing Mystery

Best Mystery & Crime Novel in Brandon - A Long-Awaited Revelation

Hello, I'm Michael McDermott, the author behind this mind-bending novel that will leave you astonished. For the past fifteen years, this captivating story has remained safely nestled in the depths of my attic in Brandon, concealed in a dark corner. Now, the time has finally come for it to emerge from its long hibernation and be exposed to the light of day. As I make the decision to unlock its secrets and release it from its four banker's boxes, I do so with a mixture of anticipation and trepidation. My hope is that this long-awaited unveiling will not lead to an unforeseen and unwanted final chapter, especially one penned by anyone other than myself. It is my utmost desire to safeguard the integrity of this narrative, ensuring that my voice and only my voice remain the guiding force behind every word. Order your copy of 'One Kill Short' today and let the adventure begin!

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