Mind-Blowing Mystery

Aknowledgments for the Collaborators of 'One Kill Short'

Throughout the arduous journey of crafting this remarkable novel, a cast of exceptional individuals played pivotal roles. Among them, one stands out as the cornerstone of my success—Eli. With unwavering dedication and invaluable assistance, Eli propelled me forward, transforming me from a mere character in someone else's book into the true author of my own story. To Eli, I extend my eternal gratitude and profound respect, for without him, this tale may have remained untold.
Honorable mention goes to Donna, my steadfast assistant, whose unwavering dedication provided unwavering support to both Eli and me throughout the challenging six-year endeavor. Donna, your contributions were nothing short of indispensable, and I am deeply grateful for your unwavering commitment.
I would also like to express my heartfelt appreciation to my diligent staff, who worked tirelessly behind the scenes, as well as my dear friends Bill and Kathy. Your unwavering support and invaluable insights greatly enriched the development of the narrative. Moreover, I extend sincere thanks to all those who took the time to review the numerous rough drafts, providing invaluable feedback and unwavering support. Your patience, confidence, and unwavering belief in my vision have been nothing short of inspiring.

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